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“Each man has his own music bubbling up inside him”.
(Louis Armstrong)
> This sentence summarises my life perfectly, probably because growing up in a four-generations family of musicians gave me the curiosity and the desire to keep experimenting this wonderful language.

> When I was four years old, my great-grandfather, who played saxophone, clarinet, and accordion, decided to teach me how to read music (I had completed the Bona and Cattolica’s methods at 6 years old). He was my first teacher to tell me: “Remember that music is a language: learn to listen and always try to have something very good to say”.

> After graduation in clarinet in 1988 at the Ferrara Conservatory with M° Riccardo Benelli, I studied saxophone with Roberto Manuzzi, Marco Bontempo and Daniele Faziani, percussion instruments with Bruno Cabassi, Ear Training with Donovan B Mixon, jazz piano, jazz harmony and arrangement with Massimo Mantovani.

> I was very lucky to meet many artists on my way and I had the honour of playing and learning from them, including: André de la Roché, Lucio Dalla, Donovan B. Mixon, Tony Scott, Tammy Mc Cann, Bill Smith, Lya de Barberiis, Timothy Brock, Wayne Marshall, Luca Donini, Tullio de Piscopo, Gianni Basso, Enrico Lazzarini, Andrea Burani, Roberto Bartoli, Daniele Faziani, Sergio Orlandi, Hengel Gualdi, Ares Tavolazzi, Alfonso Santimone, Marco Tamburini, Roberto Spadoni, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Dave Weckl.

> I played, arranged, composed music, and directed ensemble collaborating with Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Testoni Theatre of Bologna, Nero Theatre of Modena, Opera Theatre of Rome, Colosseum Theatre of Rome, Musical Company Giovani ’90, Theatre Company Zeroerreaccapiu, Bahilpevaco Orchestra, The Jazzlife Orchestra.

> Invited as soloist or conductor in music festivals in Hungary, Spain, Germany, France, Portugal, United States of America, and Bahrain. I have been teaching since 1992 in various Italian music institutes and I have participated in several recordings.