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Buenos Aires – Rio and Back

A musical journey that crosses the amazing traditions of two countries that have always given wonderful emotions.

Milonga, Tango, Bossa nova, Choro, Samba.

The stylistic research and reinterpretation of the pieces, whether taken from the traditional repertoire and the latest compositions of the most modern artists, is unbending, but the game, the amusement, that pinch of “jazz pronunciation” are an integral part of our baggage.

Claudio Castellari, baritone sax, soprano and clarinet – Antonio Stragapede guitar
For many years, Antonio and I have taught in the same music schools, feeling an affinity of thought and a very similar vision of art. Even though our continuous travelling on the roads of music has given us apparently different and distant experiences, on every occasion in which we played together, we realized how close they were instead.
music rehearsals
Um Chorinho Em Aldeia

music rehearsals
Buenos Aires Rio and Back

music rehearsals -Tango Uno